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Mama, the tomato is coming

Mama, a tomato’s coming, a tomato’s coming! Those were the words of my youngest daughter, running across the pasture in her pj’s and cow-girl boots. I was working in the garden while keeping an eye on the clouds. I guess I lost track of my surroundings because the clouds were starting to turn fierce shades of gray and black.

Let the horses loose! Shew the chickens into the coop. Grab the dogs and get into the old truck, I hollered to my three children. As I scurried to do my part for this quick get away, I looked out the kitchen window watching my children obediently and frantically running towards the truck. All three jumped in. With the key in the ignition, my oldest daughter started honking the horn, yelling, Come on Mom!

I recall standing paralyzed in the kitchen, thinking I needed to grab some things of importance like photos, mortgage papers, or medications but instead I grabbed my BRIGHT PINK lipstick and began to apply it to my ever-so-dry lips….My daughter ran through the kitchen door and hysterically shouted, “Mom, what the heck are you doing?” I looked over at her, broke out of my trance and ran out the door.

That’s when it happened…You see, when I am under pressure, under stress, under a heavy load of crap, I twist and apply my color of choice to help me pause and think about my situation. Where does this concept come from? From my mom!

Many mornings, before heading to the bus stop,  I remember watching my mom, in the downstairs bathroom applying her lipstick before heading out to work. Every day she wore some strong shade of empowerment. On this one particular day, she was looking down at me while lining her lips with a beautiful shade of red and said, “Deebs, (family nick-name) Sometimes this is my favorite part of the day. It slows me down and I thank God for all I have, or I ask him to help me with something.”

So, you see, it is fitting for me to not only twist on a shade of color for the day but to also twist on a positive thought for the day or ask for a little help from up above before dashing out the door. Thank you mom for introducing me to the wonderful world of lipstick.

By the way, the tornado never touched down near our farm.

pink lipstick with green case
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com